Sometimes, you just have to laugh

Yesterday, I saw a great RT from Jocelyn Lowinger (@DrJoLow) on the subject of laughing at oneself:


I didn’t think that I’d be acting on its advice so soon, but such is the sometimes absurd nature of travel. Ridiculous situations do arise!

This morning, I woke at the horrifically early time of 4am to get on a plane to Derby for my next locum assignment. Having arrived safely at Derby Airport, I went searching for the “Derby Town Shuttle” which had been pre-booked to take me to the Hospital. I followed the signs to the shuttle, and hopped on the mini-bus with a bunch of other people all dragging suitcases and looking like they knew where they were going.

On the road out from the airport the bus driver announced “We’ll be stopping in the centre first for half an hour, and then I’ll take you all to your accommodation”. I thought.. that’s odd. Why would we need to stop in the centre of town for any length of time? Surely the hospital and various accommodation are all pretty close together. Maybe I could just walk to the hospital from the town centre…

My sense of alarm rose somewhat higher when the bus reached the highway and turned in the direction of “Broome” rather than “Derby”.

I whispered to the chap in the seat adjacent…”where did she say the bus was stopping first?”

“The detention centre”

“…oh dear”

Half an hour later we passed through a very official looking check point where a man boarded the bus to check our staff IDs. I thought for sure that I was going to be exposed to the entire bus-load of people! But, along with a few others who didn’t have staff IDs I waved my drivers licence and was not questioned. When we finally arrived at the immigration detention centre administration area so that we could “check in and get our rosters” I finally had to admit to the driver that I appeared to have gotten on the wrong bus.

Luckily, she was an absolute sweetheart who dropped me back at the hospital on her way through town, so I eventually arrived at work, two hours late and feeling rather sheepish. On the plus side I got to see a whole heap of the Kimberley landscape that I wouldn’t otherwise have seen!

But really, it was pretty funny.

Oh, and for anyone planning on travelling to Derby, the “Derby Town Shuttle” is actually just a taxi that looks the same as all the others. Be warned!

Derby Sunset - a day that ended better than it began

Derby Sunset – a day that ended better than it began

What hilarious travel situation have you got yourself into? C’mon! I can’t be the only one…

6 thoughts on “Sometimes, you just have to laugh

  1. Too funny!
    Hard to get lost in Derby. If you hit mangrove swamp you should turn back, if you reach Broome – well done. It has been said that the best thing about Derby is that you can go to Broome for the weekend!

    • I am honoured to be your inspiration for this piece. I enjoyed reading about your adventures. One thing’s for sure…the world needs more laughter…thanks for adding to it. Jocelyn

  2. Oh, I’ve experienced something like this when I was in junior high. Lucky the bus driver was kind enough to ask where I supposed to stop, and dropped me back to my previous station. I only have enough money to take one trip by bus to the bus stop near my home, and spent an hour walking to home. What an experience :lol:.

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  4. I did a little something last week that made me bust up laughing while driving home from my daughters house,
    I had a three hour drive. I stopped at a store, got a beverage or two, water and a flavored water or something. But I also picked up a quart of cut fresh watermelon, strawberries and blueberries. I also grabbed a quart of green and red grapes.
    While just cruising along, traffic bottle necked and came to a very slow crawl, well my grapes didn’t. They jumped off the passenger seat and onto the floor of the other side of the car.
    It was clear in front of me as I was breaking, so I was able to watch the grapes go into action. I swear it was as if they knew what they were doing. It appeared as though they had organized their weight and rocked the tub and forced it to tip and they all jumped out at the same time.
    As I watched this, I almost could hear them yelling, “Yahoo, we are free, whoo hoo” and so on, and so on.
    So I immediately started laughing at myself for putting them there on the front edge of the seat, but even more so at what ran through my mind as this happened, AND I WAS THE ONLY SPECTATOR, LOL.
    I love those days. Thank you for bringing up the topic.

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